Flush Systems Specifications

Pump Flush

We combine first-rate designs with solid manufacturing processes bringing you a family of flush valves to make your life easier.

Our valves are built to last with two great choices for durability:

  1. 100% stainless-steel construction
    When we say stainless steel we mean it! Every piece of hardware — including each weld — is made with stainless steel. You won't find a tougher flush valve.
  2. Hot-dip galvanized
    Or choose a hot-dip galvanized finish. We galvanize each valve after fabrication for a complete and seamless protective bond.  It far out-perfoms valves which use pre-galvanized sheets that leave unprotected welds and seams.Fixed and Pop Up Optons

We have over 15 different types of valves in our line. Our ability to produce such a varied array of valves allows very specialized flush solutions to be implemented.

  • Pop Up Valve
    Our most popular model for new installations combines efficiency and power for super-clean results. Specially engineered to achieve flow rates up to 6000 gpm that get the job done fast. Mounts flush with floor to best accommodate traffic. Pneumatic operation and superior bolt-on design eliminate leakage and stress damage at the valve. Full flow; single inlet; 200 lbs.
  • Rotatable
    Dairymen love this model. It rotates a full 360° for cleaning in every direction. A good choice whether you want to flush more than one lane or need extra flexibility in mounting. Flow rates of up to 5500 gpm. Pop-up design mounts flush with floor to accommodate traffic. Lid rotates manually. Pneumatic flush operation and superior bolt-on design. Single inlet; 220 lbs.Manual Models
  • Pump Flush
    Pump-supplied model (also called erosion flush) for installations that don't use towers. Works best on low-slope installations. Pneumatic operation eliminates leakage. Single inlet. Louvered or hinged-lid discharge. Available in bolt-on or slip-type connection. All stainless steel; 130 lbs.
  • SandHandlerTM
    If you use sand bedding, you'll want this valve. It's a special version of our popular pop-up model with one of the highest flow rates in the industry 8000 gpm really gets that sand moving. Ultra-sturdy 360 lbs.
  • Manual
    A low-frills classic. manually operated by one person pulling a single lever. Mounts in a stationary, above-ground position. Superior bolt-on design. Single inlet. Weights in at 150 lbs.